For Immediate Release 9/5/18
Contact: Donald MacElroy

Preservation Group Still Waiting on Answer from Governor and DEC.

Preserve the Gooley…an alliance of local government, business, preservation and sporting organizations is still waiting for a formal response from Governor Cuomo or DEC Commissioner Seggos. This group has requested a hold on the removal of a historic sporting camp, located in the Essex Chain of Lakes complex. These lands, once part of the former Finch Pruyn property were purchased by NYS in 2012. Advocates for the preservation of the Gooley Club, are simply asking for a halt to the demolition of the camps and the formation of a group of stakeholders to discuss options and alternative uses for the historic Third Lake buildings.

Donald MacElroy, Vice President of the Gooley Club states; “It has become clear, in our view, that the appropriate steps were not taken by DEC during the classification process to meet their obligations for protection of important cultural and historic structures under the State Historic Preservation Act. Proof of that was provided by the joint effort of Adirondack Architectural Heritage and the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation, through their application for Historic Register Designation for the Gooley Club. These efforts resulted in the Gooley Club being listed on both the State and Federal Historic Registers in the spring of 2018.”

He also added, “It is now beyond dispute, that the Essex Chain Complex has failed to draw any measurable tourist traffic to the area, despite commitments to that affect from the State of New York.”

Since our initial press release other organizations have added their names and support to the Preserve the Gooley Club effort. One group, Access the Adirondacks, which represents 48 varied organizations from throughout the Adirondack Park and upstate New York, is calling on the Governor to grant a temporary stay of the demolition. Roger Dziengeleski, Steering Committee Chair, and former executive at Finch & Pruyn, said; “Briefly put, these buildings represent an important part of the history of the Adirondacks…please save the Historic Gooley Club buildings!”

Meanwhile the clock is ticking…and without intervention from Albany, the Gooley Club buildings will be gone by 9/30/18. Removing these historic structures is more than just a backwoods demolition project…it is a ‘cultural cleansing’ of the rich traditions, history and legacy of camp life in the Adirondacks. This spot has been a haven for sportsmen and women since 1866…generations have passed through this remote and beautiful location…supporters feel that kind of history is worth preserving.

There have been new additions to the group’s website recently, including TV and radio interviews. To learn more or offer support please visit